Who we are

We are COELPLA South american

Factory of Electrical Conductors


With +45 years leading the production of special cables for electrical installations, with special emphasis on Cables for Lifts and Crane Bridge.
Our permanent contact with manufacturers of elevators and Engineers of installation allow us to innovate with developments in technology, facilitating the incorporation of new ideas and technical requirements and special, which can be placed immediately in the process of production.


COELPLA performed a follow-up post-sale to their cables for lifts and strings of compensation, this way the customer has guaranteed the continued development and improvement of the system of the same.

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Range of Products

COELPLA has developed a growing line of electrical conductors that enable you to offer a perfect service to a broad sector of the market: Lifts | cranes | industrial Establishments | Facilities-home | mobile Installations | Appliances, etc

The strict adherence to quality standards makes COELPLA a company able to meet the national and international requirements.

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