General Characteristics

Composed by two or three conductors flexible annealed electrolytic copper, class 5, insulated with a layer of PVC spark-arresting.
Color brown-light blue in the case of the bipolar and brown-light blue-black or green-yellow in the case of the poles; arranged in parallel and coated by a sheath penetrating PVC, usually in a gray color.
Responds to the standard 247 NM 52-C5 Type 2; 247 NM 53-C5 Type 1.
Rated voltage 300/300V: -0.50 mm2-0.75 mm2 300/500 V:-1.00 mm2-1.50 mm2 -2.50 mm2-4.00 mm2


Each conductor carries indicated in indelible form on your wrap brand COELPLA, nominal cross section in mm2, tension, and standard to which it belongs.


For direct placement on masonry in civil and industrial buildings, and to power appliances light.
Not suitable for use outdoors or in heating devices.


Rolls of 100 m/Coils

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