General Characteristics

The cable is constructed with strands, each of 6 (six) drivers with your soul textile in the center. These, in turn, are grouped in cells of 3 (three) or 2 (two) strands according to their training. You can also constructed with steel support, according to your request. Insulation anti-flame. Sheath retardadora of the flame. Based on the specifications according to Standards: NM 280 class 5 – IEC N° 60227-6 71 F, UNE en 50214.


The strands grouped in cells that are differentiated by color and are numbered consecutively. The sheath outer wears printed on the same brand COELPLA, section, number of conductors, voltage, country of origin, and feet marked in a sequential way.

Electrical characteristics

Rated voltage: 300 / 500 V

Mechanical Characteristics

Length – free hanging: max. 110 m height travel: max. 200 m walking Speed: up to 5 m/s bend Diameter: 350 / 450 mm


Cable commands for elevator interiors and panoramic views.


In coils.

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